NGLS Conference and my first post in English

Yes now i  am back from NGLS conference in Modra, and this is my first post in English in my 5 year blogging history. So please dont kill me if i write somthing wrong or so. First of all i want to say big thanx to Ivana Sendecka, Ron Carucci , Jonathan  DeWaal and Tray Pennington, for great event for this weekend. It was awesom weekend with great folks from Slovakia. It was very inspirational becouse it was abou our future and future of our country. I saw lots of great ideas, and visions, from young peoples. It was hard hear all in English but it was great training for me. Some videos from  live stream are archived at my Ustream account and you can watch som presentations and speech again. So Thanx for very cool weekend again.

4 názory na “NGLS Conference and my first post in English

  1. Branko,
    thank you so much for spreading word and for your generous help with taking care of NGLS’s techie stuff!;-) See you soon.

  2. Thanks for writing the post and also for writing in English. I’m so happy to know it went great and inspired you too. 🙂

    Peace from Pakistan!

  3. brano, thank you for your cool post, amazing help, being there and for writing in English, there is nothing to be sorry about! I was happy to meet you, eventually:)

    zuzu u.

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